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Wasteful Consumption Patterns

Little is known about the mysterious individual known as DJ Korpserape who comprises the one man band known as Wasteful Consumption Patterns or WCP for short..

There is much speculation as to how he earned his nickname, as well as his day to day life.

It has been said that Korpserape has no social security number as he wasn't born in a hospital, but to a twelve year old prostitute who gave birth to him in a culvert and left him for dead.

But instead of death, Korpserape was discovered by a pack of wild wolves that took him in and raised him as their own.

Upon reaching adolescence, Korpserape began to realize that he wasn't like his wolven brothers and sisters. He began to question his existence, roaming until he came upon a town where he observed humans in their habitat. Korpserape would practice acting like these strange creatures, walking on two legs, eating cooked food with utensils and many other human traits.

Slowly Korpserape weaned himself from his canine counterparts and into civilized society. The step was a massive one as he had no idea what his purpose was in this strange new world.

Although he had human like feelings, he could not communicate with humans yet.

Time passes, Korpserape adapts and survives, fighting the primal instincts he had fed the first half of his life. These instincts will never be totally suppressed so he creates music to release the fury in a controlled rhythmic manner. Mixing elements of horror, vulgarity and fear in a tulmutuous grab bag of cacophonous sound.

With no formal training and no influences, Korpserape manages to create music we can all identify with on a more primal and instinctual level. Using electronic and traditional instruments, high fidelity technology combined with low fidelity fundamental rage.

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