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Wally Boy Wonder

Wally Boy Wonder (Born Mark S. Wallace Jr.) was named after his father who shares the same birthday (7/16). The Son of the Silent One (Wally's Father lost his hearing at a young age) began writing in his early teens, and the talent was realized almost immediately.

Mark 7:16 “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear, rings true.”

Going on to sell over nine hundred copies of his self-published books (The Four Pointed Stars of my Mentals, Sevens-The Multi-Poet, St. Mark’s Four Bronze Horse and The Fourth Script) right out of his backpack.

His love for words evident, the Boy Wonder turned his ear to music. This metamorphosis spawned “Where’s Wally?” his first release as a recording artist in 2001. This nine track jewel was created with some of Akron’s best live musicians: Shawn Hackel, (“Filter”, “Skin”, “God, Guns, and Glory”), Matt Cleary (“Warrant”, “Skin”, “Dave Brooks Band”) and Eric Baltrinic (“The Twist Offs”).

The album sold out of it’s first pressing, and was later re-released on Intolerance Records in 2007. Wally’s involvement with the label began in 2004 when he met Tobor and joined forces with him in “Dog Vs. Cat”. They toured, playing shows nearly every other day, gaining popularity and loyal fans.

“The Essential Dog Vs Cat Audio Collection” released in 2006 was an ode to the fans and is still receiving underground success.

Since then Wally has ventured onto other creative outlets such as Director of “Don’t Blink”, Screenwriter of “Flannel” and “Spare Parts” as well as Floor Production Director for the “NAAFS” (Mixed Martial Arts).

In the summer of 2008 Wally began his journey to create his masterpiece to date, his second full length album on the Intolerance Records label “Day of the Rising Tide”. This one of a kind album showcases Wally's ability to combine pop culture with his unique style. While the theme emphasizes global disaster, it’s undertone is about finding peace within life's struggles.

Wally Boy Wonder | Day Of The Rising Tide
Day Of The Rising Tide
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Wally Boy Wonder | Where's Wally?
Where's Wally?
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