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Dog Vs Cat

Dog Vs Cat is credited as to have created their own genre of music known as Scratchtronica. Their music has also been referred to as Turntablism, Live Electronics, Live PA, Breakbeat, Abstract Hip Hop and more.

From left to right the photo above depicts T0B0r Cat on the machines, Wally Boy Wonder Lizard on the mic and MekaDog on the turntables.

Dog Vs Cat is most known for their Special Dog Vs Cat Limited Edition Hand Numbered Colored Vinyl Scratch Records which are produced in new revolutionary dual scratch battle format, which means that all the breaks and beats on the record are the same tempo. 120 BPM. Now, what that means is that if you have two copies, you will be able to battle the dog side against the cat side. You could also synchronize the beats because the tempos automatically align and let the animals play in harmony. Gold Vinyl Sold Out! There are still some of the Second Pressing available in Purple Vinyl though!

Dog Vs Cat is also well known for their hundreds of live performances played on their tour on the Northeastern United States. Critics have called this band the hardest working band in the industry often playing eight or nine shows a week in several different cities. All of these shows produced hundreds if not thousands of loyal fans who would travel around following this ecclectic electronic scratch phenomenon known as Dog Vs Cat.

Old and new fans alike, who are just discovering this project are racing to download The Essential Dog Vs Cat Audio Collection since its release. The Two CD Set consists of almost 100 minutes of music including several different versions of classics, intros, juggling examples and other treats including the infamous Limited Edition Dog Vs Cat Scratch Record in digital format. What that means is if one is using Stanton™ Final Scratch™ or Serato™ Scratch Live™, this is your opportunity to have a great record at a fraction of the cost of vinyl.

Dog Vs Cat | The Essential Dog Vs Cat Audio Collection
The Essential Dog Vs Cat Audio Collection
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Dog Vs Cat Scratch Record Gold Vinyl
Dog Vs Cat Scratch Record Gold Vinyl
Sold Out
Dog Vs Cat Scratch Record Purple Vinyl
Dog Vs Cat Scratch Record Purple Vinyl
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