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Duma Love

What can be said about an artist whose musical career has taken him all over the globe, landed him performing on “The David Letterman Show” twice as well as a performance on a special episode of the original “Beverly Hills 90210?”

An artist who guest appeared on The Beastie Boys “Check Your Head” album because he could beatbox better than Biz Markie?

An artist who has shared the stage and spit rhymes with “Wu Tang Clan's” The RZA?

An artist who has sang with Yoko Ono?

I am referring to, of course, the incomparable Duma Love, former percussionist for the eclectic band “Cibo Matto.”

Duma Love had heard about Ohio indie label owner and producer J. Shepherd and his eclectic group of artists and knew he would fit right in the Intolerance Records family.

Shepherd was contacted in July of 2009, a deal was reached and they were ready to begin. The only stipulation was that, due to personal reasons, Duma had to leave town in nine days.

It was decided that during the recording process, to save time, Duma would live on site at The Thanatron Studios, Akron, Ohio. A campsite was erected at the Private Intolerance Records Nature Reserve and the nine days of madness ensued.

In that short time, during the hot summer month of July, Shepherd and Love recorded over fifty songs. Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Punk, Classical Guitar and more genres were represented. The studio had session musicians eagerly awaiting to record, Love and Shepherd opted to play all the instruments themselves.

Neither Artist nor Producer had ever undergone such a rigorous recording schedule.

At the end of the session, as promised, Love was quickly whisked away out of town directly from the studio. Shepherd was left behind with months of audio post production and preparation for the impending release.

The plan was for Love to return to Ohio to begin his tour upon completion of the recordings. Unfortunately, Love vanished without a trace leaving Shepherd with a decision. Until now, that decision has been to continue waiting. Quickly approaching the one year anniversary of the recordings, Intolerance Records has made the official announcement to release the project.

The songs were separated into some sort of logical sense and arranged into two full length albums slated for release on June 29th, 2010, on the Intolerance Records label.

“Corey Vol 1” is the mainstream CD for Hip Hop lovers, featuring seventeen tracks (including three skits) of skillful flows and rhyme mastery.

“Corey Vol 2” takes things a little more underground with a few remixes from Vol 1, two tracks featuring Akron rapper “Wally Boy Wonder”, some Rock tracks bordering on Punk, a Classical Guitar track, an acoustic love ballad, an R&B track and more.

Duma Love is a respected musician with a love for Hip Hop who has transcended the ghetto persona. Growing up on the streets of New Jersey, Love has experienced the negative lifestyle firsthand and he refuses to glamorize it.

Duma Love | Corey Vol. 1
Corey Vol. 1

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Duma Love | Corey Vol. 2
Corey Vol. 2

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